Better tools for business

Delivering unparalleled visibility and versatile functionality, 360data® optimization solutions can help any industry operate more effectively. Here are just a few examples. 

Shippers – Saving time and resources

  • Increase processing efficiency for orders & shipments
  • Optimize routes across multiple modes of transportation
  • Gain comprehensive visibility to all orders, shipments and costs
  • Improve freight claims management

Third-party logistics providers – Centralizing efficiency

  • Integrate data from different clients and business groups, including orders, inventory, shipping and billing
  • Support multiple customer trading communities and varying business rules within a single solution
  • Easily allocate costs & determine margins for each customer
  • Manage transportation volume & efficiencies across all customers

Transportation brokers – Optimizing load management

  • Gain immediate visibility to lowest-cost carriers
  • Customize carriers, routes & rates by lane
  • Perform advanced execution planning, including sequential/broadcast modes, lane sharing, backhauls, reverse auctions
  • Reduce costs through increased visibility to carrier compliance, preventing overcharges

Retailers­ – Streamlining e-commerce

  • Integrate online ordering, inventory planning, procurement & fulfillment
  • Prevent stock-outs through automated replenishment
  • Gain real-time visibility to orders and shipment status

Consumer packaged goods – Protecting brand equity

  • Improve inventory management of raw materials & finished goods
  • Enhance quality control with detailed tracking/tracing at the lot level
  • Ship product more efficiently while reducing transportation costs
  • Integrate ordering, procurement, shipping and billing processes
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